Synchronicity, Ancient Wisdom, Carl Jung & the Hidden Dimension | Tom Matte

ancientWat speelt er achter de sluiers?



Tom was a successful advertising executive with a family, but it all came crashing down due to substance abuse. After an intense bender, Tom had a psychotic break and lost everything. He eventually recovered, reconciled with his family and got his business back on track, but the story doesn’t stop there. Even after over a decade of sobriety and being a functioning member of society, something about Tom’s perception changed permanently.

He’s able to see and interact with what seem to be hidden layers of reality. He sees what look like mathematical objects, fields, higher geometry, and, yes, beings. Tom calls this mode of perception “upsight.” But these aren’t just claims — Tom’s brain and abilities have been studied. In fact, there’s a paper undergoing the peer review process that seems to verify that Tom is interacting with something strange.