Lost Wisdom of Atlantis, Interdimensional Beings, & Time Cycles

ademOver Atlantis en galaxtische wezens met Matias De Stefano & John Churchill




What is the wisdom we can recover from ancient civilizations and mystical teachings that could help us understand how to navigate this time of transition? What would the world be like if humanity's ancient wisdom wasn’t suppressed for thousands of years, and ‘Empire’ hadn’t systematically installed the maladaptive software of modern cultures worldwide? Our connection to nature, time, spirit, sexuality, and the universe itself have all been manipulated over millennia to bring us to this existentially threatening moment in time.

It’s time to re-remember what our ancestors knew, and re-imagine how we live. In this full spectrum dialogue Matias De Stefano and John Churchill share deep codes that stretch back into our ancient past - From the history of Atlantis to ancient Tibetan Buddhist wisdom–that if we re-remembered, could turn the fate of humanity into a reality where the shackles of millennia-old suppression are lifted, and the untold potential of our existence unfolds before us.