The Shift of the Ages, the Cycles of Time & the New Earth


timeThe Shift of the Ages, the Cycles of Time & the New Earth 


The Fourth Age of Earth is ending and the Fifth Age is Being Born. Those who know predict that it will be an Age of Light where Humanity will once more awaken their latent Spiritual abilities. What are the Signs that this New Age is approaching? The development of Space Travel, Faster than Light Technology, and vast discoveries in the fields of Astronomy, Quantum Physics, DNA research and Fiber Optics are all reflections of this awakening. So is the appearance of our Star Brothers in the skies today as thousands of people have Encounters in countries around the world. Another part of this Reawakening is the discovery of 12,000-year-old cities, Underground Cities in Antarctica and the Rising of Ancient Atlantis. But how do these Cycles of Time work, and how did the Masters encode this information so that those who could read the Secrets would be prepared? How is this connected with discoveries like the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Secret Teachings of Jesus, the Return of the Divine Feminine, and the waves of incoming Indigo and Crystal Children? What do the Ancients tell us about a Pole Shift, Climate Change, and the Return of Nibiru in our skies today? How can we use this wisdom to navigate our future and Rebalance the Planet for Healing? Come join historian, author and clairvoyant Tricia McCannon as we Decode the Greatest Mysteries of the Ages.