Understanding The Twin Flame Healing Process

twinflamesThere can be times when you think your twin flame is too sensitive, dramatic, annoying etc. You can take this back as a mirror, its possible your twin is reflecting the unseen part within you.


Twin flames love and care for each other a lot, their energies mirror and reflect everything within. They could be revealing something about yourself that you have not seen or may be forgotten. Look at your twin flames wants and needs or even what they have to say. They are mostly your needs being mirrored back to you.

The twin flame love is a spiritual partnership and trip that others can never do for you. Your twin flame is revealing things from the deepest possible love and allowing you back to source, by reflecting you.

Sometimes things can be hidden or even forgotten. You just need to listen to your twin flames words, their behavior, their fears and you may see yourself. If you have been very honest with yourself then probably this is the best love between two souls, anyone could experience. They will mirror the positives and negatives vibes of you. Remember this is a soul commitment you have made with your twin flame even before you were even born. You have made an agreement to connect with each other and heal yourself and your twin of the ego.

Twin Flame healing can begin when you understand they are Your Mirror

When a twin flame can’t find any peace or happiness, then its possible their partner can’t do the same.twin flame healing 3


If the twin flame is very obsessed with addiction or another theme in their life, then their partner may have the same patterns. Both can heal them selves if they can see and be aware and be okay to change their issues, then both the twins can heal. So being aware and recognizing the problems twin flames can heal each other.

Whenever a twin flame lets go and makes changes to these patterns, then their twin can heal. This will probably not happen in a regular relationship or partnership. If one day you were to see your partner struggle with illness, depression, drama, addiction, then you could see this reflected within you, then simply allow yourself to let go of this pattern and behavior with an affirmation to heal the both of you. It takes great deal of self love and love for each other to heal.

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Twin Flame Healing Begins with you

The change works very quickly. The knowing and reflection is all that is needed. That is the reason why twin flame relationships is the highest kind of transformation that could occur in all relationship. By committing to the twin flame relationship and to stop running from the issues is accepting to commit to yourself. How could you turn your back on your twin flame? It would be like not to love yourself. When you love yourself, then you you will love them and they will love you even more.

If you are turning away from your twin soul, then you are really turning away from yourself and who you are. It is a really good idea to take notice of how you are behaving towards them, it actually will show you how you are feeling and treating yourself. If you are dissatisfied with something in your life or frustrated, it may be because you are not being honest with who you really are. Are you covering up a problem that you should be dealing with? It is a true reflection of you and your twin soul, you will be mirroring each other in this regard.


twin flame healing 4


True twin souls always transmit a deep love and light vibration between each other. Ultimately one of you will allow the other to embrace the real self, the ego has no where to hide here. Try to deal with problems together and head on, the more these issues have time to fester the worse off and more strung out they become.

Love between twin souls is the deepest love and highest vibration available in our universe, this is because they are a true reflection of you.

Which twin flame healing methods are you recoginzing? Have you realized twin flame healing is about healing yourself aswell?