What Should I Tell My Child About Santa Clause?

santaTeal Swan provides the listener with a lesson about the history of Christmas. She also reveals the truth about Santa Clause. Teal then goes on to address the question of what parents should tell their children about Santa Clause.

There is nothing "wrong" with telling children Santa exists... remember this is a non-judgmental universe.

But... making up a story about Santa delivering presents when we the parents are doing it, does not suit our relationships with our children.

We perpetuate disappointment in our children.

Children are capable of understanding much more than we give them credit for...

According to Teal, it is better to tell them the truth...

And so, here's the truth about Santa clause...

Thought forms can temporarily manifest and they can influence people to do things... so Santa is as real as demons and angels are real. Humanity can't focus as intensely on a thought like we have on Santa and not create him. So, the Christmas Spirit is very real.

Teal also reveals what she tells her own son about Santa Clause.

She tells us also that instead of being drug along by Christmas unwillingly, we should decide if we are going to participate in it and if the answer is yes, find things to focus on and things to do that cause us to feel positive emotion. In other words, do things that cause us to find alignment with the beautiful things that Christmas is really representative of.