Heart imagery exercise: Daniel Mitel

hartgezpndheidHeart Imagery – Union with God, helps you to have an awareness of perfect Oneness. What could God give you but perfect knowledge of Himself? The belief that you could give and get something else, something outside yourself, has cost you the awareness of Oneness and of your Identity.


If you are practicing the exercises from the workshop correctly you should experience a sense of relaxation and the feeling that you are entering into the light. During the exercises, as you pass by the thoughts of this world, you will understand that God’s light is formless and without limit and you will understand that nothing that you think are your real thoughts are similar to your real thoughts. Because you are part of His Creation and Mind, so are your thoughts part of His Mind.

The workshop will help you to find the place in you where there is perfect peace; there is a place in you where nothing is impossible. There is a place in you where the strength of God lives. There is nothing to fear.